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Tidewater.net Email Settings

When adding your Tidewater.net account to a new device/app/client, you will need to provide a username and password for both your incoming and outgoing settings. Your username will be your full email address (e.g. support@tidewater.net). There are two choices for...

What speed do I need?

There are a lot of factors in determining the best speed level for your needs. A great starting point is to factor in the number of users likely to stream video. Streaming video isn’t the only factor, though it is the biggest bandwidth user these days. Cloud...

What should I look for purchasing a wireless router?

In the world of routers, it can be challenging to distinguish meaningful features from empty jargon. Here are a few common issues and what to look for. Wireless coverage Wireless coverage is probably the biggest question people have about routers, and fortunately, the...

What is a static IP address?

Every device connected to a computer network is assigned a number (an IP address) so that other devices can identify it. This is true for your internal network (your computers/phones and router) and also for the internet, where your router or computer is assigned a...

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